AVTTS April 19 2023 – Regular Meeting 6PM Char’s (no Zoom)

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Regular Meeting

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Time: (The Third Wednesday) April 19, 2023 – 6:00pm Pacific Time – Duration <=1hr

April 19, 2023 – Regular Meeting

  1. Territorial Acnknowledgent – 6PM
  2. Introductions
  3. Unfinished Business
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Sub Group/Committee Reports
    • Education and Networking – Dan
    • Alternate OCP – Leo
    • Cycle Alberni – John
    • Ocean Friendly – Jim/Gail
    • Dry Creek Estuary – Chris
  6. Financials
  7. Affiliated Group Reports
    • Alberni Climate Action
    • Food Security Society
    • Waterwatch Coalition
  8. Other Fun Stuff
    • Active Transportation and Public Transport

Financial Report

Aggregate:  $6,196.23

AVTTS:  $1,170.11

Cycle Alberni:  $3,039.99

Alberni Climate Action:  $1,986.13

Report from ACA

1.  ACA has achieved a place on the new Community Representative Team (CRT) to advise on the OCP.  Robert Gunn will represent ACA.  Marianne Wade, who leads the OCP project is moving to work in Courtenay but will maintain her endeavours on the Port Alberni OCP if possible.

2.  Rob Dickinson, City Engineer, reports that the City will undertake a Master Mobility Plan funded, he believes, by the Provincial Growth Grant.  Data being gathered include traffic counters and the vehicle-activated sign currently at Weaver Park, which helps change people’s habits and also takes down data. Approximately one year will be for data collecting and year two will indicate trending.  A Master Mobility Plan includes Active Transportation whereas a Master Transportation Plan may not.

3.  Rob Dickinson talked with the new CAO about resuming ACA/City discussions on reducing GHG’s.  At this time, with underfunding and staffing shortages, we will not be able to meet.  However, Rob is happy to meet with us on his own time as a city resident.

4.  City response about the Nature Based Solutions Roadmap.  Rob Dickinson has referred our query to new CAO Michael Fox and Corporate Officer Danielle.  It may once again be too late to apply for this year’s cohort. However, Rob reports that the City’s intent is to place NBS policy into the OCP, then incorporate it into the Asset Management plan with all of our infrastructure. As an engineer this makes sense to him:  considering NBS as an equal priority to our water systems and roads etc. This way, it is incorporated into the Asset Management Plan.  Perhaps Robert can address exactly how this will occur when the Community Representative Team starts up.

5.  WE CAN AGM:  attended by Jim Wright and Gail Morton.  ACA has been offered a presentation on getting Fossil Gas out of new builds.  ACA is looking into this. Transportation:  We need 25% reduction in miles driven by ICE vehicles by 2030, given that transportation is a top GHG priority.  Involving unions and increasing numbers of groups working on stopping highway expansion projects suggested.  The “Let’s Ride” campaign may be something we could work with.  Reducing Cost of Heat Pumps: Installation is the main cost. Costs of installation rose when the provincial government offered rebates requiring installation by government approved installers, so no real monetary gain on this front. The idea of a cooperative was raised for free installation with training students at college level a possibility.  There is a Heat Pump Survey being conducted through Nanaimo Climate Hub which will help with data gathering.  ACA has emailed Chris Allemany with the link to distribute.

Link to City of Port Alberni Active Transportation Plan

Link to AVTTS review of Active Transportation Plan


Minutes of AVTTS Meeting of March 15, 2023

Minutes March 15, 2023 AVTTS

Territorial Acnknowledgent – 6PM


Etienne, Dustin Dame, J. Mayba, Gail Morton, Dave Reid, Desiree, Rob Powelson, ChrisAlemany 

Unfinished Business

Upcoming Events

CAC The Grove Climate Change Art Submissions for a show 21 artists on the roster

Sub Group/Committee Reports

Education and Networking – Dan


Alternate OCP – Leo

Meeting with Good Johns Ass’t. Ryan looking for some funding and resources ACP with the lens of Reconciliation Tofino as an example. Ambassador program 3 hour course on FN and place in the community. Dave’s idea: community knowledge exchange, start with small interactions. Look at brining FN presence into banners street signs. ACP proactive rather than reactive.

Cycle Alberni – John Bike event working with Mary Layton

Just finished winter go by bike, successful.

Money is available. Must teach kids to ride, especially with bike exchanges

Ocean Friendly – Jim/Gail

Clean up event in the estuary. Estuary presently seems clean, but safety might keep the group out of the dirty areas. FN Hahopayuk kids have been involved. Not yet in the works. Potential eelgrass study.

Dry Creek Estuary – Chris

Message going out to group in a couple of weeks, tying to OCP

What regulations for properties on the estuary? Has been discussed, not fixed.

Green drinks Last Tuesday of each month.


Affiliated Group Reports

Alberni Climate Action

Food Security Society

Waterwatch Coalition

Other Fun Stuff


Aggregate: $6,975.12

AVTTS: $1,227.86

Cycle Alberni: $3,761.13

Alberni Climate Action: $1,986.13

ACA Report

ACA sent in a request for a Transportation Study toward a Transportation Master Plan, to be included in this years’ budget.  ACA emailed  Rob Dickinson, Director of City Engineering. Rob’s request for finances to do such a study was not included in the ask to Council due to budget constraints. Rob is currently gathering data so that the city is ready to go when finances become available.Councillor Dame made a motion on Jan. 9, 2023, for staff to report on the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) toward engaging with MNAI on creating a Natural Assets Roadmap for the City of Port Alberni.  Correspondence with Roy Brooke of MNAI indicated 4 spaces remaining in this cohort. ACA requested a fast track on the report to council process. ACA is waiting to hear back from Councillor Dame on the report and its results.Feb. 15 Old Growth Rally:  One member from ACA was able to attend.  The rally was peaceful and well attended, despite weather conditions.  Banners and works of art included species endangered due to old growth destruction. First Nations representatives led with traditional song and dance.  Judith Sayers spoke.For interested folks:  There is a multimedia Climate Change art exhibit upcoming at The Grove, entitled “How Does Climate Change Make You Feel?”  John Mayba initiated this and more submissions are needed.  The deadline for submissions is March 18. For more info:  Google “The Grove.”Next Meeting:  ACA is planning a group meeting to discuss future steps.  Anyone interested is asked to please email Gail:  gailpmorton@gmail.com