AVTTS General Monthly Meeting

May 17, 2023


Greetings, Introductions, Selection of Chair

Territorial Acknowledgement

Business from last month:

Active and Public Transportation initiatives

New business:

Group Reports;

Other business

Adjournment, followed by discussion of AVTTS, ACA, Nature Club perspectives on OCP process and possible further directions.

ACA Monthly Report:



Aggregate:  $6,138.48

AVTTS:  $1,112.36

Cycle Alberni:  $3,039.99

Alberni Climate Action:  $1,986.13

Ocean Friendly PA Report for May 17:

Our next event is on Monday, June 5 at Haahuupayak School.  We’ll be meeting with two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Amber Stroeder, our marine biologist will take the lead on the educational portion and Anna Lewis has generously donated her time for the Bear Aware topic.  We’ll focus on working in small groups to gather debris from around the school area, drawing connections between what we do with our debris at home and how our choices affect river, forest, sea life and human health.  This is not a public event, but if anyone is interested in attending, please give Gail Morton a shout at gailpmorton@gmail.com.  We hope to experiment with a plastic debris art project following this event.