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AVTT 2021 AGM And Regular Meeting – AGENDAS – 6PM Oct 20 – Chars and ZOOM

Join us in person at Char’s or by Zoom 6PM

We are in person again if you choose.

Please send any comments on the Agenda or reports by email through the AVTT List/GoolgeGroup or at or during the meeting.

Click Here to go to the Zoom Meeting.
You can find more Zoom details and other events at Char’s

Time: October 20, 2021 – 6:00pm Pacific Time – Duration 1hr.

AVTT 2021 AGM – Agenda

  1. Acknowledgement of unceded territory – 6:00PM
  2. Greetings and Introductions – 6:05PM
  3. Approval of Agenda – 6:10PM
  4. Approval of Minutes – 6:15PM (below)
  5. Annual Reports from Directors/Officers 6:15PM
    1. President’s Report – linked here
    2. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Election of Directors/Officers 6:30
  7. ADJOURN – Thank you!

October 20, 2021 – Regular Meeting

  1. Unfinished Business and Current Topics 6:30
  2. Upcoming Events – 6:45
  3. Sub Group Reports – 6:35
    • Education and Networking
    • Food Group / Food Hub
    • Cycle Alberni
    • Ocean Friendly PA
    • Watershed – Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition
    • Somass River Estuary Group
  4. Affiliated Groups (welcome to share if present)
    • Alberni Climate Action
    • Alberni Valley Nature Club
    • Other Groups
  5. Finances – 6:50
    • Current State of Accounts, Grants and Contracts – Rob
  6. New Business and Other Fun Stuff!
  7. ADJOURN – 7:00PM

    Next Regular Meeting is November 17, 2021

Minutes from September 15 Regular Meeting

Meeting convened at 6:02 p.m.
Agenda approvedDan/John

Chris will provide minutes from August
Fall FairSmall space, went off well.
Bike Valet an assetthanks to booth staff
ACA delegation to Port Alberni Sept 27 at 2:00Saanich declared Climate Emergency, stuff started happening.Pavils Hawkins Municipalities in Transition mentoring and funding to get Port Alberni on the Transition Train.
Ocean FriendlyAugust 7 last clean-up. New liaison.

Watershed Protection
June Ross contacted Chris. She is the principal VI Water Watch Coalition, looking for a replacement from our Region and Chris is that. They want more organizations involved AVTTS is in.

Climate Caucus
Food Group restructuring. mentoring with ACRD Ag workers bursary, talking to other groups where Edna was involvedCycle Alberni Sept. 27 two weeks What incentives to participate. Prizes to those who register and log their kms Rob Dickinson put forward recommendations as approved by Cycle Alberni, intersection changes passed by council. Recognition by council of need for  further changes. Prioritizing safety over convenience in relation to bike infrastructure. Metral Drive as an example of a complete street in a “lesser” municipality. Province seems to see Go By Bike as a successful program worthy of support. Possible expansion into funding from other sources.

  1. Finances
    • Current State of Accounts, Grants and Contracts
    • Credit Union Debit Card

Aggregate:  $26,993.66
AVTTS: $1,598.05
Food Hub Committee:  $14,317.34
Food Hub Education: $496.59
Grow Local:  $2,530.11
Gleaning:  $2,065.78
Cycle Alberni:  $2,651.25
Shaun Loney:  $2,668.88Adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

2021 President’s Report – The Transition Is Coming

Respectfully submitted by Chris Alemany – AVTT President

Dear Transitioners,

This was a hard year. I must start this report with condolences. Condolences for everyone that we have lost all around this world during the pandemic. Condolences for everyone we have lost closer to home to the pandemic, and the ongoing opioid crisis that has taken too many dear friends, family and colleagues.

And most of all, my thoughts at this moment go to our dear Edna Cox survived by her husband Dave. Alberni Valley Transition Town Society would not have been — without her. This will be our first AGM since her passing. We will hopefully be filling her role on our Board as Secretary, but Edna brought so much to this organization. So much to the Food Group, to forest and watershed issues that she was passionate about, to climate action and to all manner of things around our community. All done with kindness and positivity and hope.

Please pause for a moment to remember Edna and everyone we have lost in this most difficult of 21 months since our last AGM.


Transitioning during a Pandemic

It is difficult to believe that we did actually have an Annual General Meeting in January of 2020 just days before it became clear that the world was entering into something it had not experienced for 100 years.

Here we are, in the 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our group has struggled to maintain itself, just as many people, businesses and organizations have as well.

But, our work did not stop. The issues we have been committed to for these past 11 years of climate change, and energy transition and resilience have not stopped.

We have all remained committed to raising the profile of climate change and energy transition, food security and local resilience, and transportation and governance. We’ve even expanded with the new relationship with Surfrider in Tofino, Amber Stroeder at the Aquarium, and all the new faces at the Ocean Plastics group.

The Alberni Climate Action group has been doing incredible work with our local elected officials, city staff and provincial and federal representatives.

So even though we may have all gotten stuck in our basements, or at our kitchen tables, or in our own minds a little bit, as we dealt with the isolation of health restrictions. We all still remained engaged, thoughtful and working.

We have all learned a new technology called Zoom, or Teams, or Skype or whatever else you happen to be using to stay connected digitally if not in person. And in this I want to thank Char for her incredible hospitality and innovation that has allowed us to keep meeting and even augment our meetings by recording them and posting them on Youtube.

I don’t know if anyone has watched them or would ever want to watch them. But I think there is some utility there, and at the very least, there will be a permanent video record of this group and the people in it. And for that I am extremely grateful to Char.

Thank you all for your work in these unprecedented times.

Learning from the Pandemic – Looking ahead

We have learned many things as individuals and as a society during this pandemic. I believe we have learned key lessons and strategies that, in time, we will use as we tackle climate change and our ongoing and quickening transition to a renewable energy and more resilient economy.

Emergency Situations Demand Emergency Action – Climate Action

March 2020 was a turning point for all of us, but especially for Western democracies at all levels of government as they realized that they would have to shut the economy and much of society down in order to protect human life. If that what it will take to protect human, and all other life as we know on this planet?

It was not just about shutting the economy down, it was about wholesale, rapid, and complete change to address a crisis. We have not seen this kind of change and disruption on such a broad level, since World War II.

It is my belief, that there will come a time in the next 10 years when we will face the same turning point on climate action. We have all tried to make a difference at Transition Towns, and we will continue trying. We have made a difference. But I think we can all accept that our own actions in Port Alberni will not move the needle nationally, or globally.

That national and global action, will come in one of 2 ways; popular unrest, or weather related catastrophe. It may even be a combination of both. When that moment comes: You and I, may be at the forefront demanding action, or we may be reacting to a catastrophe. Either way, I am sure that everyone reading or listening to this report will feel a responsibility to contribute. Transition Towns is about helping communities and we saw our community come together through the pandemic and help one another.

So when the time comes, all our experience of the preceding years of activism, policy making, and community building… but especially, hopefulness, kindness, and optimism will be critical in ensuring the success of the rapid transition that will occur to save ourselves from our own climate catastrophe.

In the meantime, we will continue on Transitioning our beautiful little part of the world so that hopefully, when the Big Transition happens maybe our community will be a little closer to the desired outcome.

Thank you everyone for continuing on this journey of Transition.

With sincere positivity and gratitude,