Cleanup Day Details

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Go at Low Tide!

****Check when it will be Low Tide – It’s the Best Time to go!****

Cleanup your local waterway – Three easy steps to a cleaner Port Alberni!

Step 1: Pick a location to cleanup that you are comfortable with (see suggested locations below – we can also assign you a location);

Step 2: Use a Data Sheet to log your items that you have collected.

Step 3: Bring your items to the announced gathering point.

Safety: follow the basic safety precautions outlined below.

  1. Gloves and plastic sorting bags – Gloves should be worn when picking up debris.
  2. Footwear – Proper footwear, sturdy shoes, or rain boots (open-toe shoes are not recommended). Do not to access an area if you feel unsafe.
  3. Clothing – Warm clothing, raingear, and clothing to protect you from the elements (including the sun and plants that have thorns).
  4. Hydration – Avoid over‐exertion, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration.
  5. Hazardous Items – Do not go near any hazardous or suspicious materials
  6. Lifting – Never lift anything too heavy; when in doubt, don’t try!
  7. Environmental Conditions – Avoid taking risks near the water
  8. Shoreline Etiquette – Be aware of sensitive habitat areas (i.e. sand dunes, intertidal zone, breeding birds) and pack out what you pack in. Be sure you have permission to cleanup the area if you are not on public land.
  9. Hygiene – Wash hands and forearms before eating.
  10. Communication and Safety – Make sure others know where you are going and when you intend to be back.

List of Alberni Inlet ‘Beach’ sites for cleanup

  1. China Creek Campsite Beach
  2. MacTush Campsite Beach and beach slightly west of campground
  3. Beaches east of Mactush and PA-ward from the creek at the north end of the campground
  4. Canal Beach
  5. Shoemaker Bay/Johnson Island shoreline.
  6. Cous Creek Estuary

List of River/Lake sites for cleanup

  1. Sproat River and Lakeshore at outlet (partly in Sproat River Provincial Park)
  2. Great Central Lake
  3. Sproat Lake
  4. Kitsuksis Creek
  5. Snow Creek Road (from far end of Sproat Lake along eastern shore)
  6. Labour Day Lake
  7. River Road

List of Trail Heads

  1. Loon Lake parking
  2. Summit Lake parking
  3. Dry Creek ravine at Argyle.
  4. Register your favourite hiking trail, and clean it up (most regular trails are remarkably clean)