Current Constitution and Bylaws

You can download the AVTTS Constitution and Bylaws here.

Click here for the BC Societies Act.

Proposed Constitution and Bylaw 2024

The following changes are proposed. See changes document below to see removals (in red) and additions (in green).

Constitution Changes:

  1. Housekeeping Grammatical changes
  2. Addition of Section (h) UNDRIP

Bylaw Changes:

  1. First Paragraph: Housekeeping to refer to “Model Bylaws”
  2. Removal of UNDRIP declaration (moved to Constitution)
  3. Removal Point 1 and 2 referencing methods of ending Membership
  4. Modify “Termination of membership” Section 2.6
  5. Remove Point 3 on A Quorum of Members
  6. Modify Quorum of General Meetings to remove 10% voting members.
  7. Remove Point 4 “Members present must choose”. Redundant.
  8. Add Section 4.5 Term of Office of Directors
  9. Remove Point 5 on Borrowing
  10. Add Part 8 — Borrowing

Descriptive Model Bylaw

Below is a combination of the Model Bylaws from the Societies Regulation with the changes proposed in our Bylaws above. This would be the effective Bylaws of the Society if the proposed changes are approved. The document below is not an official document.