September 2022 Regular Meeting Agenda

Join us in person or on Zoom at 6PM

We are in person again if you choose please check Char’s suggestions and requirements for masking and vaccination.

Please send any comments on the Agenda or reports by email through the AVTT List/GoolgeGroup or at or during the meeting.

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Time: September 21, 2022 – 6:00pm Pacific Time – Duration 1hr or less.

September 21, 2022 – Regular Meeting

  1. Unceded Traditional Territory Acknowledgement 6:00
  2. Introductions
  3. Unfinished Business and Current Topics
    • Followup on Fall Fair
  4. Upcoming Events – 6:20
    • Sept 24 2PM Tyee Landing – Walkabout Dry Creek Restoration
  5. Sub Group Reports –
    • Education and Networking –
    • Food Group / Food Hub
      • Updates
    • Cycle Alberni
      • Fall GoByBike Oct 3-16
    • Ocean Friendly PA
      • Next Event?
    • Dry Creek Estuary Group
    • Financials:
  6. Affiliated Groups (welcome to share if present) 6:45
    • Alberni Climate Action
  7. AGM?
  8. Other Fun Stuff?
  9. Next Meeting – October 19 –


August 2022 Minutes

ACA Report

Here is a brief summary of recent ACA activities:  I will be away this coming Wednesday.

  • ACA was represented under the AVTTS umbrellas during the Fall Fair.
  • First Fall meeting between ACA and the City occurred Monday, Sept. 12 with Robert Gunn as new chair and John Mayba as new note taker and agenda creator. Gail Morton will work on the Climate Speaker series.
  • City representatives Rob Dickinson, City Engineer, and Marianne Wade, Manager of Planning, apprised us of the current stage of the new OCP and the building STEP Code in Port Alberni. Step 3 is the minimum BC Housing standard for Port Alberni, while Step 1 is the minimum required by the BC government. We learned that Marianne has been appointed as Climate representative. Port Alberni has two energy advisors, Tess Hall is one. The City will hold an Open House in Oct. on the Step Code topic.
  • ACA has decided to work on our Climate speaker series while the OCP is underway.  Dan, Schubart, Robert Gunn and Gail Morton will meet on Sat. Sept. 17 to discuss. This will be a joint effort between AVTTS and ACA. Topics To Be Determined.
  • ACA representatives attended the Sept. 14 public input session for the new OCP.  Topics included a new Vision statement plus Guiding Principles (Touchstones).  

AVTTS Financials September 2022

Aggregate: $53,729.52

AVTTS: $988.75

Food Hub Aggregate: $53,048.30

*Island Health: $37,858.67

*Systems Change: $6,138.75

*Food RX (McConnell): $3,303.95

*Food RX(2nd Harvest): $0

*Food Hub Education: $496.59

*Grow Local: $3,167.57

*Gleaning/Summer Student: $2,082.77

Cycle Alberni: $5,557.61

Alberni Climate Action: $2,668.88

  • Video from August Regular Meeting

No video available this month.