AVTT August 2020 MONTHLY MEETING – At Char’s and Online – 6PM – August 19

We will again be hosted in-person at Char’s Landing, properly socially distanced and masks are welcome. Char will also be showing the meeting live and interactive on Zoom! So it is the best of both worlds!

Click Here to go to the Zoom Meeting.
You can find more Zoom details and other events at Char’s Landing.com

Time: 6:00pm Pacific Time.

Movie at 7PM – TBA

AVTT August 19, 2020, 6PM – Agenda

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Unfinished Business and Current Topics
    • Charity Status Discussion
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Reports and Sub-Groups
    • Ad-hoc Strategic Planning
    • Education and Networking
    • Food Group / Food Hub
    • Cycle Alberni
    • Housing
    • Watershed Protection
    • Other Groups and Reports
  6. Finances
    • Current State of Accounts, Grants and Contracts
  7. New Business and Other Fun Stuff!

    NOTE – Next Meeting – September 16, 2020 – 6PM Char’s and Zoom

AVTT June 17, 2020, 6PM – Minutes

In attendance: In Person – Rob, Dan, Chris, via Zoom: Susan from Sooke – John Mayba from Port Alberni.
• Approval of Agenda – Dan/Rob
• Approval of Minutes – sDan/Rob
• Unfinished Business and Current Topics
• Abbatoirs approved! Rob indicated that farmers themselves can do slaughtering. There is potential that butchering can be done for other local farmers. As long as slaughter training is taken. Dan mentioned that the mobile an a Tori on salts spring didn’t work out as well, Rob mentions it had a large upfront. 
• More Memberships Received!
• Upcoming Events
• Reports and Sub-Groups
• Ad-hoc Strategic Planning – None
• Education and Networking – Dan mentioned he will be posting links after the link. 
• Food Group / Food Hub – Rob mentions the terrestrial portion of local Ag is still up in the air for the PAPA food hub by city and ACRD. Gleaning website is under the process of being updated (Rob and Chris).  City waiting for response from bc hydro on garden plot under Wallace power lines. Grow local – continuing to show tutorials on Shaw cable and will be on YouTube soon as well as Facebook pages.
• Cycle Alberni – John – mentions go by bike funding for fall. Chris related that GoByBike is moving forward with fall events and will distribute funding. John mentions bike friendly communities in province of Ontario. John and Port Alberni planning dept will be working on application for grant. Application deadline is July 3. Dan mentions recent publicity in Tyee about Gord Johns getting a Liberal government sponsored for National Cycling Strategy. Bike Fix it station at McLean mill
• Housing – None
• Watershed Protection – None
• Other Groups and Reports – None
• Finances
• Current State of Accounts, Grants and Contracts
• Rob got into credit union
• Agh 13,940.45
• AVTTS 3199.57
• Food hub 1971.86 1800 to food map
• Grow local 3883.01
• Food 496.59
• 2765.72
• 5334.96
• 2668.88
• If anyone interested in donating to buying bikes to Dunn. Folks can get tax receipts from SD 70.

• New Business and Other Fun Stuff! – John mentions Story of Plastics – Free license for virtual showing – anyone can watch until July 10 – must have zoom call to discuss on July 10. John will send out info as soon as he gets it licensed. John will set up a Zoom meeting and Sooke and hopefully other Transitions will also be invities to join in. Chris will contact nanaimo Transition. Green New Deal – see email on the list about pushing for green new deal by 350.org. Go to 350.org for submissions. John will send updated form to chris to email list.
• ADJOURN Dan – 
• NOTE – Next Meeting – August 19, 2020 – 6PM Char’s and Zoom

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