Climate Preparedness

This is what I just sent off to the Province in response to the call from Edna to get us to contribute to the discussion about the Province’s climate preparedness initiative. It’s a little terse and leaves out some stuff, but, hey! it’s Friday afternoon and it was a rush job.

Submission to Climate Preparedness BC

First, preparation should include mitigating steps. Stop the LNG masquerade and redirect those resources into wind, solar and geothermal energy production. The same should apply to Site C, an expensive boondoggle that will flood some of the best farmland that we will need to feed ourselves. Remove subsidies for fossil fuels, along with preferential tax and royalty schemes, shifting those funds to less destructive and more sustainable practices.

Stop clear cutting of any kind, and any cutting of old growth forests. Instead, plant new trees with an idea that we will have forests, as opposed to tree farms. This will help not only to mitigate climate disruption, but will reestablish watersheds that support both wildlife and drinking water sources. Ban the export of raw logs and help rejig mills so that they can use fewer trees, but use them thoroughly and efficiently.

Set up farmland so that farmers can actually farm, including the provision of housing for farmworkers and subsidies to ensure that farmers actually make a living and provide nourishing local produce, meat and dairy to people around the province. Restructure agricultural studies to reflect the need for organic and regenerative practices so as to improve soils, restore nutritive value and sequester carbon in our soils. Eliminate the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Discourage urban sprawl in the strongest terms so that no further encroachment is made on land that has even marginal value to agriculture or forestry. Densify urban cores, build walkable neighbourhoods and shorten commutes, ensuring that foot, cycle and public transit become the primary modes of circulation. Make public transit free. Stop building freeways. Rebuild rail corridors wherever possible.