Restoring Habitat – Restoring the City

Aha! Moment <– Restoration –> Developing

Original and New – Left, on original drawing from the 1800s of the outlet of the creek and the limit of the marsh shoreline. Right, in grey is restored marsh, beach, or shore. The red line is the diverted creek. Light blue is the restored creek path close to its original course and emptying into the bay beside Tyee Landing. Dark blue is restored harbour (below tide) including beside Tyee Landing and closer in to the chip pile.

What if the View from outside Smitty’s was of Owatchet Creek meandering among tall grassy areas like this (excellent habitat for fish, birds, frogs and other wildlife)

This is the Nanaimo River estuary near the Living Forest Campground. This area is surrounded by residential development but also hosts incredible restored habitat. These were previously heavily industrialized with coal and lumber shipments. IMAGE FROM

Or maybe this is closer.

Another shot from the Living Forest Campground. This looks out toward Nanaimo Harbour. The raised area of grass in the background have been reclaimed and restored. They support salmon and other wildlife entering the Nanaimo River. Our Somass River would also benefit from the restoration of Owatchet Creek Estuary.

You can read more about the Nanaimo Estuary work here.

We want to restore this natural setting with all the natural, economic and community benefits that would bring.

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Aha! Moment <– Restoration –> Developing