The “Aha!” moment

Aha! Moment –> Restoring the City –> Developing

AVM Notes: “High tide of C.P.R Wye. View of railway tracks along inlet shore. Two men walking on tracks. Town buildings in background.”

Have you ever had that moment when something completely overturns what you believed before? This picture from the Alberni Valley Museum was taken on May 21, 1917 not long after the railway was built.

The “Aha” moment? There is water on *both sides* of the tracks! Now go a little further back around 1906, near the same place.

AVM Notes: “New Alberni, looking south from mouth of Dry Creek. Beach with board walk in the fore ground leads to First Avenue. Somass Hotel and King Edward Hotel can be identified. A large treed area opens up to the wharf area at the bottom of Argyle Street. Inlet and mountains in the background.”

The Lower 3rd and 4th Avenue area used to be a marshy estuary and beach at the mouth of Owatchet Creek, now commonly known as Dry Creek.

We want to restore this natural setting with all the natural, economic and community benefits that would bring.

Continue to see how it could look after restoration.

Aha! Moment –> Restoring the City –> Developing