Development Opportunity

Aha! Moment <– Restoration –> Developing

The Somass Lands (square outline) were 40 acres. The area shaded in red representing the new “waterfront” from Tyee Landing, along 3rd Avenue, to Redford also represents 40 acres.
A Google Maps type view of the new Park and Estuary area with a waterfront trail extending the entire length connecting to Stamp Avenue and Tyee Landing and the railway alongside connecting to the historic train station.

Is restoring habitat the only goal? No! By restoring the estuary and shoreline, we turn the entire 3rd Avenue, Dunbar and Kingsway corridor into a waterfront development opportunity.

Dry Creek in 2022 is where False Creek was in 1975. This is how we envision the 3rd Avenue corridor to look (minus the skyscrapers in the background 🙂 )

Could 3rd Avenue look like West 6th Avenue in Vancouver (otherwise known as False Creek) above?

We think that by pulling the harbour and rail line back to 3rd Avenue. Creating beach and riverfront amenities for the public to enjoy, this would spur development on 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue itself.

It would bring the sea and harbour truly into the heart of Port Alberni. Nurturing not only wildlife like salmon and birdlife, but also nurturing the community.

Lumber strewn around the Somass Mill yard after the 1964 Tsunami

The Somass Mill lands took the brunt of the 1964 Tsunami.

Large buildings, particularly residential, built on the Somass lands will not only be susceptible to sea level rise, flooding and tsunamis, but also to liquefaction during major earthquakes.

A snapshot from Google Street View of the Parksville waterfront. A vision for 3rd Avenue and the newly restored waterfront business and residential districts?

By restoring the shoreline and habitat and concentrating development on solid ground on 3rd and 4th Avenue, Kingsway and Dunbar, it provides an important buffer to protect the community and ensures investment has a long and stable future.

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Aha! Moment <– Restoration –> Developing