(From Dan)
I will attempt to post the notes that I will be taking to this evening’s meeting on a prospective Energy Descent Action Plan. This is a deceptively simple document, as you will easily see by comparing it to either the Kinsale or Totnes EDAPs, but then, I wrote it. What seems apparent is that there will be many obstacles in setting out and refining the final document, and even more challenges in implementing its provisions. The first and greatest challenge is that the present group is hardly representative of the attitudes and processes in effect in our community as a cruise through the local online forums will clearly show. This leaves us with a couple of preliminary tasks:
1) engage a broader community in the discussions
2) ensure that the broader community is armed with all the information they need to make responsible decisions

…after which we can proceed to a more formal plan and adoption thereof.

I understand that it’s hard to make meetings, and, having attended a career’s worth of meetings, I also know that sitting through most meetings is about as much fun as trying to talk to the dental hygienist through a rubber dam, but we need to be driven by a sense of urgency linked to the degradation of our living space and the course set by current administrations that is taking us increasingly in the wrong direction.




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