Todd Patola

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1.  What actions have you personally taken to support a more sustainable climate?

In 2004 I was an early adopter of hybrid vehicle technology.  Since then I have replaced windows, oil furnaces and insulation to lower my energy consumption. In 2017 I moved to a full electric vehicle and installed a 21kilowtt solar system (that’s big).  I collect rain water and only consume surface water. I live on a creek that dries during long droughts. I spend my time moving fry from shrinking pools into larger ponds. I reforest my property by transplanting seedlings at the rate of about 50 a year.  I have gathered wild seeds and created natural habitat for birds bees and bugs. And I keep my cat. Indoors. For recreation I prefer human powered activities of bicycle riding, surfing and skateboarding. Although I have been known to go oblong distance motorcycle trips I have ordered an all electric motorcycle to lessen the last toe of my carbon footprint.

2.  What opportunities do you see at your municipal/electoral area/school board level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Encourage the generation and consumption of renewable energy wherever feasible.  Better planning of development can lead to harnessing waste energy (ie Ice plant contributing to building heating at ADSS). (Just an example of possibilities). Micro generation and conversion of city vehicles to fuel efficient and electric propulsion.

3. What will you do, if elected, to overcome polarization in local politics around the challenges of climate change and to build a middle ground that encourages listening, understanding, and consensus that can move climate change action forward?

This requires overcoming polarization. It requires all parties to listen and understand each other’s concern. Focus on adopting those concerns and commit to resolving them as well as the climate issues.  Compromise can’t be as successful as consensus.

4. What opportunities do you see for climate leadership in the following sectors? Please pick at least two.
Transportation, Housing, Land use and Development, Equity.

TRANSPORTATION Encourage use of electric vehicles, particularly in the city fleet and promote the use of rail through the ICF .

HOUSING utilize zoning, dccs and tax structure to promote the building of energy efficient construction. With the development of multiple renewable power sources and low energy construction the city could lead the world by being an example of self sufficiency.

5.  If elected, what would your first action be toward reducing greenhouse gases in your area of responsibility? 

Turn off the lights when you leave the room and put on a sweater.  Honestly we can grow a culture of energy consciousness which will enable greater acceptance of further progress.

6.  The climate emergency requires long term thinking and planning.  How do you envision a climate sustainable City/Electoral Area/School District, 50 years from now?

Sorry I got ahead of myself and answered this under housing#4.