Cindy Solda

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Cindy Solda provided the following response:

Sorry Chris did not get back but I answered similar questions last election.  It has been a crazy time.   I still stand behind the answers given in the past.  I’m still learning and will continue to do so regarding climate and sustainability  changes.  I believe whatever we do we need to look into the future and make sure sustainability is involved and include climate change.  In fact my husband and I have a deposit on three EUV’s.  We will take whatever vehicle comes in first.   If you asked me two years ago if I would purchase one I would have said no.  Whenever I see hear the news on climate change it is scary.  Your question four my answer would be all.  The problem is convincing others and the dollar amounts.  Provincial and Governments also need to step up with rebates for the consumers and local governments.  Long term through bylaws, OCP plan and strategic planning.   I also believe messaging the public constantly to understand what climate change is all about.  Many people don’t understand it.  Educating our young people through the school system is one way because they are our future.