August meeting

AVTTS Meeting 18 August 2021


Introductions, Territorial Acknowledgement

Edna Cox, Food hub/Group Succession Plan

Activism, the squeaky wheel, interface with officialdom, addressing candidates.

Gleaning Project

Fall Fair

AGM October 20

-Climate Focus

-New Directors

AVTTS sub-group connections and intergroup promotion

Active Transportation:Round-up of happenings here and elsewhere


If we could have group reports submitted for participants to read at their leisure, that would

expedite the discussions during the meeting.

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Group Reports (august 2021)

Food Group 

Notes from the last meeting

Agenda approved Minutes approved

Coordinators report:

Gleaning project started, 1 st pick done – 80lbs of cherries sold to Wildflower 2 nd pick to be sold to Wildflower – 24lbs of saskatoons Guy is interested in purchasing fruit for csa boxes – he has refrigeration. Gleaners may be able to store fruit in the ‘garage’ part of the new facility Carley got equipment through Gleaning group to be able to haul trailer

Grow Local videos still progressing EJ Dunn has aired CargoBikeMikes still needs to be edited EJ Dunn herb class to be worked into future video

NTC ??? (I lost track trying to figure out initials lol) Put on hold until sept; will be on a smaller scale Maybe gleaners could donate fruit to some of their projects

Finances Community Foundation grants – you don’t need to be a charity – $700 could be used by gleaners – Edna will look into this Food Hub education $7004.84 (-$1700 for Food Atlas) = $5304.84 $496.59 Food Rx $3446 Grow Local $957.04 (+2028.07 paypal) =$2985.11 Gleaning $959.58 +(494.99 paypal)=$1454.57 + $150 cash/volunteer/homeowners payment System Change Fund – Heather is doing and writing out to Transition town

– open as how to use it?

– can we use it to pay Carley?

-is it core funding?

-Carley will talk to Heather about it

Gleaning report Schill donated insurance premiums Gleaning is saving in case that donation ever stops 23 volunteers 17 homeowners – some with multiple visits 3 picks so far = about 300 lbs Need 2 nd 10 foot ladder – $300ish

Candyse needs to hand in video invoice Carley needs to reach out to Tessa? EJ Dunn? – needs info on how to fill out report Has Island Health said how they want reports?

VHA report – any follow up needed? Carley will check

Fall Fair On line again Sept 11-12 Non profits can do for free What would we like to do? Can our videos be used? Midway and parade will happen Self guided farm tours

Shelter Farm Tour/Processing Facility – Carley will ask when we can go

Need more boxes for storing fruit – Carley will get from Buy Low &/or liquor stores

Edna is getting the ARCD, Island Health, Transition Town logos & emails for Food Hub & gleaners & web address for business cards

Selling to Wildflower is the best fit this year – too much manpower needed with other options

Carley will write article about gleaning covering Homeowners/gleaners/ Wildflower connections for paper as Teresa Bird loves pre-written articles.

Carley & Duncan did some videos about picking safely

Try to find new people to add to Food Hub Committee

Next meeting August 10 th 6:30

Financial (Treasurer’s Report)

Aggregate: $26,931.66

AVTTS:  $1,655.80

Food Hub Committee: $13,917.34

Food Hub Education: $496.59

Grow Local: $2,617.61

Gleaning: $1,468.31

Cycle Alberni: $2,651.25

Shaun Loney: $2,668.88

Housing: No Report

Education and Outreach: Lack of in-person sessions means that speakers have been impractical. Several film links posted to FB page. Link for this evening:

Links to Sooke, Nanaimo and Saltspring Transition groups, though their meetings tend to focus on local concerns. There is some talk of a multi-group confab.