Round Table: New Green Deal for canada

A group of us at AVTTS and other organizations have set up a round table discussion to be held at Char’s Landing, 4815 Argyle St., starting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, 2019 and likely lasting for two hours before spilling into the street and breaking for further rumination. This is part of a nation-wide series of discussions to enable citizens and residents of Canada to connect ideas for solutions and adaptations in light of the many challenges and crises that crop up on a regular basis. It is a change for Canadians to voice concerns, but moreso to plot possible courses for the redress and realignment that needs to happen in order for humanity to ensure a livable social, economic and environmental existence well into the future. It is a call for all Canadians and a chance to engage those who would represent us as we approach the coming Federal election cycle, but a call that will doubtless need repeating, refining and strengthening following the election as any new government is likely to have a program that will do little to address our concerns. Please join us for the discussion, and don’t hesitate to send along (or bring with you) written submissions that will be shared and forwarded.