May 18 Minutes



David – Marusha – John – Dan – Rob – Peter – Myron – Chris – Bob

Next Meeting and Movie

Mike Nickerson for June meeting could talk Transition. Edna will inform for June 23/24 date.

Dan will post a list of movies to the list. – for July 20

Tee in Chris’ Backyard for Solar Panel – July/August


CONSTITUTION – Will distribute and hopefully vote on and sign documents so as to send off to BC Gov.

The Constitution documents were passed around, discussed, signed and witnessed! Chris will mail them all in.

Goings on:

Food Share (Rob/Chris)
– No Updates

– Permaculture BC (Rob)
– 13 registered – Room booked
– 7PM at former Mt. Klitsa (Jericho Road Church)

– Canada Day? (Chris)

Hay Ride!? – Talk to Bob about it. Parade Insurance would be needed.
Cards to hand out Seed Packets of Kale in brown envelope

– Food Map (Edna/Chris)

Russel has been totally unavailable to get the website changed over. Laurie Wilson can do it.
Myron suggested to still do the presentation at the ACRD Edna will book it and get people to come with in afternoon.
25th is next meeting (may)

– Media exposure (Dan)

Lots of good media exposure lately. Local media has been very good to us. Bob reminded that giving Shane Morrow a reliable cell # will let them contact when they need a story to fill.

General Groups Update:

– Food Group (Edna)

5PM Tuesday at Collins Farm Next week Food Group meeting… on website.

– Energy Group (Dan/Chris)

Still looking for folks to do Energy Descent Plan —
Myron will be in Africa

– Newly re-formed Education Group (Dan)
Dan and Marusha talking to community re; contribution they can make.



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