Pour ceux qui pourraient bien s’y intéresser

Trouvé ce lien sur le Web, ou bien la Toile si vous préférez:


If this has a familiar look, it should. When I was a punk learning to deal with French, I found it handy to read real stuff (on gardening, music, sex, drugs, rock & roll). Actually, wen I was a punk, there were only books, and there wasn’t a lot of gardening, science, discussions of issues or whatever else, but Balzac was full of sex and drugs, but he missed the rock and roll boat.

I only post this as an encouragement to show that this isn’t only an offshoot of the British Empire. I expect to find similar sites in Spanish and German, and I can’t help but think that the contagion will spread into Portugal, Italy (Slow Food!), Greece and beyond. Interesting thought.

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