Important Information for Pickers

Please check out the important health and safety information below.

No volunteer should do a pick on their own. There should be at least 2 people at each pick. This is important for having a safe pick event.

No fruit that has been on the ground can be donated. This fruit must be kept separate. This is the highest safety risk, via e-coli contamination.

Ladder safety – Ensure ladders are safely erected – with the legs secure/level and the tripod open wide enough to make a stable base. Never climb on top rungs, do not reach far from ladder. Don’t place tools and buckets on ladder where they may fall onto people below.

General fruit harvesting tips – Pick ripe fruit without breaking branches, shaking trees or climbing trees. Put fruit into bins carefully to reduce bruising. Ripe fruit generally falls from tree with a slight lift and turning action.

Tips for Pickers

Once you have a pick date established, meet the other volunteers at the location of the pick

Bring your own boxes and buckets to put the fruit in. Participate with the team to pick fruit (clear the tree and clean up any fruit or tree debris on the ground), ensure everyone’s safety, and help everyone to have a fun time.

Transport ladders, pick bags, boxes to the pick site.

Meet volunteers at the start of a pick and connect with homeowner when you arrive

Help distribute the fruit. Share 1/3 of fruit with homeowner, deliver 1/3 of fruit to a local charity (list at Community Garden and on the Fruit Distribution page), ensure all volunteers get a share of the final 1/3 of fruit. Take your share home, and enjoy the harvest!

Ensure pick checklist is completed and fill out the pick log form.

If you have questions during a pick or if you’re talking to other people who would like to volunteer or who have trees to be picked please contact us at 

Thank you for participating in the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project and for helping to pick fruit to share with the community.