Local Fruit Trees

What fruit do we have in the Alberni Valley?

Some of the following information (eg. ripening time) is specific to South West British Columbia and is not applicable to other parts of North America.

For a general guide of when tree and vine fruits ripen on Vancouver Island click here 

For a general guide of when berries ripen on Vancouver Island click here 


Transparent – They are yellow/green on the outside and they ripen in late July to mid-August. They are primarily used for cooking, but are good for eating fresh. For more information about transparent apples click here.

Gravenstein – Their skin has a red/green colour and they ripen near the end of August. They are often eaten fresh, used in cooking, or dried and eaten. For more information about Gravenstein apples click here

Cox’s Orange Pippin – They have a red/orange flush colour and ripen in early October. These apples can be used for a variety of purposes including drying, making hard cider, juice, cooking, and eating fresh. For more information about Cox’s Orange Pippin apples click here.

These are just a few of the apple varieties found in the Alberni Valley. Visit the websites below for detail information on apple identification. 

For an apple ripening guide click here


Bartlett – Originally known as Williams pears these pears are the main variety grown in British Columbia. Their skin is yellow/green in colour. It is best to pick them while they are mature, still firm, and a more solid green colour. They will ripen after they have been picked from the tree within 1-3 weeks. Pears do not last long after they have ripened. 

Bosc – This variety of pear is less common in British Columbia. Bosc pear skin is a brown russet colour. Similar to Bartlett pears, Bosc pears should be picked when they are mature and firm, but not yet ripe. They will ripen 1-3 weeks after they are harvested. They are best used for cooking and eating fresh.


There are many varieties of plums that are grown in BC. Prune plums are one popular variety that is grown in the Alberni Valley. These plums have a smooth, deep blue-purple skin. They are sweeter than other plum varieties and ripen in late August and throughout September. To learn more about Prune plums click here

To learn more about different plum varieties visit FreshFruitBC and Orangepipping.com


Montmorency – These cherries are sour, making them popular for baking and preserves. These cherries are bright red on the outside with yellow flesh on the inside. Montmorency cherries account for 95% of all sour cherries produced. For more information about Montmorency cherries click here.

These are just a couple types of cherries that grow in the Alberni Valley. Cherries ripen anywhere from June until the end of August. For a list of cherries and ripening guide click here

There are more types of fruit trees grown in the Alberni Valley.

These are just some of the common ones found around town.