Public Coal Meeting coming to Port Alberni

Just want to give people a quick update.

AVTTS has met with the City this week and they’ve agreed to help us set up a public meeting *before* the official public consultation by the environmental assessment office and before the City and other stakeholders start their consultations as part of the working group advising the proponents proposal.

We are now in the process of gathering the various stakeholders and nailing down a time but it will likely be early June at Echo.

One key criteria both the AVTTS and the City agreed upon was that guidelines for the meeting and facilitation need to be strong and maintained to ensure a safe place for all to speak.

There is plenty of passion around this topic so in order for all the facts to come out and for everyone for and against to be given a chance to speak, the meeting will be moderated likely similar to the all-candidates meetings during election campaigns.

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