TTPA Meeting Tomorrow Night: Agenda

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, is the 3rd meeting of TTPA. Everyone is welcome, bring friends. The time is 7:30PM at Dan Schubarts place. If you need directions, click on the calendar link here and you should be able to see a “map” link that will take you to Google Maps and show you exactly where to go.

Here’s the Agenda…

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  1. 7:30-7:45PM – Meet new folks and introduce everyone.
  2. 7:45-7:50PM – Tonights Agenda… Additions, Minute Taker?
  3. 7:50-8:30PM – Questions and Answers about Transition Towns
    • Answer questions anyone has about TT
    • Resources for more information (book suggestions, websites, etc) – (new book by Jeff Rubin? Review
  4. 8:30-9:30PM – FLIP CHART! – Our goals for the next 2-3 months?
    • Formally charter/constitute TTPA (examples of other TT constititions available) – Work done by 4-5 person “core group”? Seperate from main group meetings? – Work through TT Response Form – linked on TTPA Blog FAQ #1 – to submit to TT Network
      – Work through other TT Criteria at:
    • Identify at least 5 Key Working Groups that will form once TTPA is official – What is your pet project? Energy, Food, City/Bylaw, Psychology/Social, Awareness, Transport?
    • Awareness Raising – Continue these bi-weekly or monthly meetings as our “base” awareness raising, plan other events? – Peak Oil+CC Movie or Presentation + Intro About TT.
      – – – – @ North Island College (evenings)?
      – – – – @ High School?
      – – – – @ Booth at Market?
      – – – – @ Movie Theatre?
      – – – – @ Park/Outdoor Movie
      – – – – @ North Island College
    • Identify Date and Plan for “Great Unleashing” (big coming out party) – When do we know we’re ready? How many members/list-followers/working groups? – What about “350” event in October? Get 350 people to form people-art in playing field. (example online)
  5. 9:30PM Additional Items / Next Meeting / Wrap Up

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