Google Email Discussion Group for Transition Town Port Alberni

Hi everyone.

You may have noticed when you signed up for the mailing list for Transition Town the email was “”. There was a reason for that “prelim” because we weren’t sure how this would all shake out.

Myron asked at the last meeting if people could sign up themselves for the email list. I said “not yet” (I think 🙂 ). But now, you can.

I’ve created a public Google Group for Transition Towns Port Alberni that will allow new people to sign up themselves and invite others too. So you don’t have to find Dan if you have found a new person that would like to be part of the list. It will also give public access to all of the emails that are on the list so that people can see the discussions going on and join in, through email, or the web, if they like.

The webpage for the Transition Town Port Alberni Group is:

Go there and sign up if you haven’t already. I’ll put a Permanent Link to it on this website shortly.

So this all means, the current list will soon go away. All new folks should sign up on the Google hosted list.

Once Dan and I are sure that all of the original list members are signed up for the Google list then we’ll shut the old list down and continue on our merry way.

Onward and Upward!

TTPA Meeting Tomorrow Night: Agenda

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, is the 3rd meeting of TTPA. Everyone is welcome, bring friends. The time is 7:30PM at Dan Schubarts place. If you need directions, click on the calendar link here and you should be able to see a “map” link that will take you to Google Maps and show you exactly where to go.

Here’s the Agenda…

NOTE: If you would like a hard copy of this, or any, post on the TTPA Blog, just use the form and link at the bottom of the post to send yourself or a friend an email with this post attached in PDF file format.

  1. 7:30-7:45PM – Meet new folks and introduce everyone.
  2. 7:45-7:50PM – Tonights Agenda… Additions, Minute Taker?
  3. 7:50-8:30PM – Questions and Answers about Transition Towns
    • Answer questions anyone has about TT
    • Resources for more information (book suggestions, websites, etc) – (new book by Jeff Rubin? Review
  4. 8:30-9:30PM – FLIP CHART! – Our goals for the next 2-3 months?
    • Formally charter/constitute TTPA (examples of other TT constititions available) – Work done by 4-5 person “core group”? Seperate from main group meetings? – Work through TT Response Form – linked on TTPA Blog FAQ #1 – to submit to TT Network
      – Work through other TT Criteria at:
    • Identify at least 5 Key Working Groups that will form once TTPA is official – What is your pet project? Energy, Food, City/Bylaw, Psychology/Social, Awareness, Transport?
    • Awareness Raising – Continue these bi-weekly or monthly meetings as our “base” awareness raising, plan other events? – Peak Oil+CC Movie or Presentation + Intro About TT.
      – – – – @ North Island College (evenings)?
      – – – – @ High School?
      – – – – @ Booth at Market?
      – – – – @ Movie Theatre?
      – – – – @ Park/Outdoor Movie
      – – – – @ North Island College
    • Identify Date and Plan for “Great Unleashing” (big coming out party) – When do we know we’re ready? How many members/list-followers/working groups? – What about “350” event in October? Get 350 people to form people-art in playing field. (example online)
  5. 9:30PM Additional Items / Next Meeting / Wrap Up

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