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Ocean Friendly June Event

Ocean Friendly PA Report for May 17:


Monday, June 5 the OFPA volunteers were honoured to engage in another successful cleanup event with the students and staff of Haahuupayak School.  A lesson on safety protocols, the effects of plastics in our waterways, the connections between our actions and salmon, and bear aware education were focused on.  

Working in small groups of 3-4 students per OFPA volunteer, we covered the school grounds and trekked down to the adjoining creek, collecting interesting debris, followed by our sorting activity which will once again add to the database on plastics in our ocean.

This event was hosted by Ms. Tammi Greenwood’s class of Grade 4/5 students.  We were grateful to hear some Indigenous language spoken by the students and impressed by their enthusiasm and engagement during all activities. Ms. Greenwood has suggested an exciting possibility for the fall of including some of us in a cultural event for our own learning of Indigenous ways!

Our followup meeting at Riverbend Cafe indicated a need to refine our sorting process.

Our  volunteers for this event included:  Amber Stroeder, Bonnie Ruttan, Anna Lewis, Dave and Gail Morton.