Vaida Siga

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1.  What actions have you personally taken to support a more sustainable climate?

E-bike where possible and car pool where possible. 

Minimize garbage through wise shopping, reuse, recycle where possible. 
Installed heat pump. Use heat and lights only in room being used and communicate this to others using home. Talk to folks I encounter littering or otherwise harming or being disrespectful to nature or her inhabitants to remind them we share this planet. Was active on a board that used an environmental lens and recreational lens to screen proposed developments within the city. Bike racks on buses, alterations to ensure wildlife corridors, protection and rehabilitation of critical habitats for species at risk were some positive outcomes. Was active in a naturalist organization that monitored environmental risks and actively advocated for intact habitats. 

2.  What opportunities do you see at your municipal/electoral area/school board level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

This is a global issue so working collaboratively with other local decision-makers, levels of government and corporate boards is essential. Searching out existing best practices within similar communities would be my starting point.

3. What will you do, if elected, to overcome polarization in local politics around the challenges of climate change and to build a middle ground that encourages listening, understanding, and consensus that can move climate change action forward?

Recognize that entrenched positions are barriers to change and communicating across difference is essential.  Establish communication beginning with identifying common goals then working collaboratively toward developing policy and practices that support those goals. 

4. What opportunities do you see for climate leadership in the following sectors? Please pick at least two.
Transportation, Housing, Land use and Development, Equity.

Land use and housing are linked and critical local issues though all have been identified in my area as needing attention.

5.  If elected, what would your first action be toward reducing greenhouse gases in your area of responsibility? 

Work with local constituents to identify best practice solutions and ensure support for putting these into practice.  For example, problem solve means to support local resident and tourist travel within our two main  communities that allows parking outside of current high traffic areas and sensitive corridors such as schools yet ensures easy access from business to business. Some solutions I have seen provide mandatory paid parking for large vehicles such as motorhomes outside of congested areas with access to electric transportation on site.

6.  The climate emergency requires long term thinking and planning.  How do you envision a climate sustainable City/Electoral Area/School District, 50 years from now?

Young locals with families have a vested interest in conditions 50 years hence. Supporting organizational change to ensure their voices are heard, supported and acted on is critical.