Pam Craig

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1.  What actions have you personally taken to support a more sustainable climate?

I carefully recycle and reuse about 95% of all household containers and drop off those containers that are accepted at the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District.  I also manage recycling and returnables in the Arrowsmith Rotary Club with club members and a local resort.

2.  What opportunities do you see at your municipal/electoral area/school board level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

I will be asking for Climate Action Strategies to be embedded in the next Five Year Strategic Plan for SD70.  One of the first duties of the new Board will be to begin the Strategic Planning process of consultation with all district partners with a goal to complete the process in spring of 2023.  My goal is to ensure Trustees are making decision for the district through a climate lens.

3. What will you do, if elected, to overcome polarization in local politics around the challenges of climate change and to build a middle ground that encourages listening, understanding, and consensus that can move climate change action forward?

School Boards have many opportunities to work with other local governments such as City Councils, Regional Districts and First Nation Councils.  The inter-connectedness of School Districts with community decision-makers is a conduit to encourage Climate Action programs and policies in all those entities.  Students will be learning many strategies to protect and save the environment; they then are the voices that should be presented to other local governments to work on regional solutions for climate action.

4. What opportunities do you see for climate leadership in the following sectors? Please pick at least two.
Transportation, Housing, Land use and Development, Equity.

SD70’s ADSS is compliant with LEED green building certification.  Future capital requests to the Ministry of Education and Child Care will consider LEED certification when renovations and repairs are done in district facilities.  This can eventually impact all facilities with improvements that honour the LEED designations.  The Bus fleet will gradually be changed to run electric vehicles where possible.

5.  If elected, what would your first action be toward reducing greenhouse gases in your area of responsibility? 

The first project of the new Board will be a district Strategic Plan and within that plan I will ask for using a climate lens throughout the district.

6.  The climate emergency requires long term thinking and planning.  How do you envision a climate sustainable City/Electoral Area/School District, 50 years from now?

SD70 is at present participating in the development of the Port Alberni OCP Plan 2042.  The district has a strong voice and influence in commenting on the climate issues we see and the need to make changes in the region for future sustainability.  I am confident with robust education and information sharing, local and regional residents with agree with Climate Action Strategies being a major part of the future for our community.