Notes from the last Meeting.

Below are the minutes and a brief description of the meeting of December 1 at the bottom. It was a great meeting!

#1: Introductions.
Bonnie, John, Colin, Edna, Dan, Myron, Chris, Julie, Guy, Kathleen, Andy

#2: Brief Announcements:
Edna on Canada World Youth Visit and
– Theme is Env. Sustainability for this year – Bike Safety, promoting biking – Theatre of Engagement – Pamela Walker – Work at Abbeyfield around gardens and recycling – Looking for work and projects from other groups – and host families – 11th Dec. to 10th March – Contact Leah Bratt :

John on Richard Hebda presentation on Jan 28
– Global Warming impacts on Forests in BC – Support/Effort/Promote with AEC – in Dogwood Room – AVTT will support this as well.

#4 Candlelight vigil: December 11 –
– Jen Fisher-Bradley is helping John as well. – There will be an Open Mike, it might be in City Hall if weather is bad. We’ll ask the City for permissions – Inviting Churches to it as well.

#3: Working through and approval of Constitution.

This was the meat of the meeting. We only got through half of the document, which is fine! There was lots of great discussion about how we want to promote ourselves, what we’re really all about, how members should promote the group, activism, politics, etc etc. We got into pretty much everything! There were only minor wording changes made to the portions that we got to.

Please check out the updated constitution on the website ( PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST CHANGES THROUGH THE EMAIL LIST OR WEBSITE. Now that most everyone has had a chance to read it and digest it a little I’m hopeful that we don’t *have* to do all the changes people might want at meetings. There’s no reason people can’t suggest changes through email or on the website. I will be sending another email shortly encouraging people to go to the website and put in their suggestions.

Dan and Bonnie (and husband Mike) are moving along with the Housing group. If you’re interested in helping retrofit houses to be super-energy efficient and building new ones as well, then get in contact with Dan, or Bonnie either through the list, on the website, or by phone.

That’s the update!


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