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Ahh! waiting. efficiency goes up and prices will drop.

(From Phil Leblanc)
Quantum dots could make solar panels more efficient
Friday, March 25, 2011 4:47

Illustration of multiple-exciton generation (MEG), a theory that suggests it is possible for an electron that has absorbed light energy, called an exciton, to transfer that energy to more than one electron, resulting in more electricity from the same amount of absorbed light. The left side shows an electron promoted to a high energy state (blue) plus the “hole” vacated by the electron (red). The right side shows the original exciton (now dark green/red) and a new exciton (light green/orange) after MEG. The top image shows a conceptualized version of the idea, while the bottom shows an actual exciton and bi-exciton using the same color scheme.

Credit: Mark T. Lusk, Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines

Studies done by Mark Lusk and colleagues at the Colorado School of … significantly improve the efficiency of solar cells. Their latest work describes how the size of light-absorbing particles–quantum dots–affects the particles’ ability to transfer energy to electrons to generate electricity.

The results are published in the April issue of the journal ACS Nano.

The advance provides evidence to support a controversial idea, called multiple-exciton generation (MEG), which theorizes that it is possible for an electron that has absorbed light energy, called an exciton, to transfer that energy to more than one electron, resulting in more electricity from the same amount of absorbed light.

Quantum dots are man-made atoms that confine electrons to a small space. They have atomic-like behavior that results in unusual electronic properties on a nanoscale. These unique properties may be particularly valuable in tailoring the way light interacts with matter.

Experimental verification of the link between MEG and quantum dot size is a hot topic due to a large degree of variation in previously published studies. The ability to generate an electrical current following MEG is now receiving a great deal of attention because this will be a necessary component of any commercial realization of MEG.

According to Lusk, “We can now design nanostructured materials that generate more than one exciton from a single photon of light, putting to good use a large portion of the energy that would otherwise just heat up a solar cell.”

Notes and Minutes from March Regular Meeting

Hi everyone!

Here’s my notes from Wednesdays regular meeting. If any of the folks who were there have anything to add please do so! 🙂 Post them in the comments here. I will also have a post about the Movie.

AGENDA: Main AVTT Meeting

#1: Meet and Greet new and old Members

Guy, Myron, Rob, Edna, Dan, Chris

Permaculture – Rob:
Large Permaculture course — $1100 person — Saturday/Sunday — 9-til-5 with Saturday Potluck — 6 Weeks course —
Need 6 people minimum – not sure if they’ll get one in town. Works toward a Design Certificate

Small Permaculture 101 – $40-$60 — part fundraiser as well Looking at late April or early May for either of these to happen. Will cross post through the Mt Klitsa Garden Club and Environmental Coalition

7 Cedars Studio in Coombs — can investigate on workshops that they put on.

Public Hearing in Lantzville for Compassion farm— public hearing on Monday the 21st.

Food — Local Food Map – Will contact ACRD directly rather than doing delegation to see if we can get it on… getting close, feedback has been good
Edna will be calling a meeting of the Food Group soon at Bob Collins
– Agricultural Plan will be released soon.
– Once the listing is done then Food Group can perhaps focus on Permaculture with Rob.

Could we encourage the City Works to embrace Perma Culture?

Guy: Picking fruit from un-tended trees in City — make a tree map — make a connection with groups in Victoria — a plan would have to be developed to know what to do with it. Comox organizes individuals to do picking… 1/3 to owner, 1/3 to sally ann, 1/3 to picker.

Edna/Myron/Chris: Shared comments about the meeting that was held on Saturday with BCEAO and CEAA to develop public meeting format for Port Alberni on Raven Coal. In general it was thought to be very successful. Apparently more successful than subsequent meeting with Comox groups.

—- EDAP —- Dan’s report (check out his BLOG POST HERE)

Kinsale and Totnes looked at Plans included historical development of dependancy

Kinsale – fictional, blue sky visioning and filled in middle details
Totnes – was more targeting but didn’t see any specific targets on reductions in energy and CO2

Things that struck him —–
– definitely work to be done on attitude shift
– reducing empire building and duplication
– set timelines for where they want to be and goals
– put together Open Space workshops with stakeholders

Is 20/20 going to get going again?
– Asset mapping Open Space session coming soon through 20/20 vision.

Make the EDAP into a list of goals to be

NEXT MEETING _ April – 20th – At Chars’ Landing 6PM – Water Film at 7PM