AV Gleaning Project

What is the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project?

Glean, harvest, collect, rescue, recover…call it what you will, the Alberni Valley Gleaning Project gathers and redistributes thousands of pounds of local fruit each year that would otherwise go to waste.

In 2016, the program collected over 11,000 pounds of fruit! The Alberni Valley Gleaning Project does more than just harvest and share fruit; it also helps to remove bear attractants while fostering community resilience and social well-being. Every year we increase the community’s access to nutritious local food.

How does the Gleaning Project work?

The program connects tree owners who have unwanted or excess fruit with volunteers who want to harvest and enjoy local fruit. Harvested fruit is distributed as follows: 1/3 to the homeowner, 1/3 to the volunteers, and 1/3 to a local charity or organization. Extra fruit that is unwanted by the homeowners or volunteers is sold to help fund the project.

Homeowners and their property are respected at all times. Picks are arranged according to homeowners’ and volunteers’ availability. All volunteers attend an orientation session to learn about project operations and equipment safety. Volunteers are free to sign up for as many picks as they would like. Picks are coordinated online through our website. There is a membership fee of $10 for all participants (homeowners and volunteers). This helps to cover the cost of insurance, equipment, orientation, and other project costs.

To volunteer or to offer your trees for harvesting, please fill in the Homeowner Harvest Form or the Volunteer Sign Up Form on our website. For more information, send an e-mail to albernivalleygleaning@gmail.com or visit www.albernivalleygleaning.org.

Dedicated to a resilient, low carbon society.