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The Solstice approaches

As the daylight wanes, we at AVTTS are getting together at the usual time and place to wrap up some items of important business and get ready to launch off in new directions. That all happens from 6:00 until 7:00 (unless we’re extra expeditious and abnormally terse), but at 7:00 pretty precisely (remember we’re all volunteers) we’ll break out the food we’ve brought to share and engage is some games and chat and, who knows, perhaps some music in some form or another. It would be great to see a whole raft of transitioners out to share the good cheer and even, perhaps, bring a plate of finger food to add to the sharing. We’ll likely have our AGM in the new year, and new perspective and new faces would go a long way to moving this process along. Hope to see many there!

AVTTS Monthly Meeting, May, 2019

AVTTS Monthly Meeting, 2019 05 15

Agenda and Reports

Greetings, Introductions, Acknowledgement of FN Territory

Canada Green New Deal Round Table

Meg’s Doc Project (AVTTS Letter of Support)

Gleaning: Proposal from R. Powelson re: equipment purchase

Possible partnerships for usage of fruit (Would Twin City Brewing consider the production of small batch local ciders?  Would the Shelter Farm/Society want to be involved with gleaning/processing as a work skills/job generator? What other possibilities might we consider?)

Housing: possible presentation by John Edmonson (stemming from April AVCSI meeting)

Education: Rob is interested in doing a presentation on urban permaculture. Still waiting on a possible talk by Guy on soil health, lots of great material on regenerative ag/carbon farming. Several films pending due to licensing matters and costs.

Financial Report

Food Group Report

Here’s an update from Cycle Alberni.

We are well on the way to having another fantastic Bike To Work Week. Yesterday Sarah and I went to Council to publicize the event and to invite Mayor and Council to Bike to Council on May 27.

We have a full slate of events scheduled for May 27 to June 1 including the following:

Monday May 27 7-9 AM Pancake Breakfast at Jumping Slug Community Cyclery (formerly Ozzie’s)

Tue. 7-9 and 4-6 Steampunks Coffee

Wed. 4-6 Barclay

Thur. 7-9 Buy Low

Friday 7-9 ADSS

Sat. 11:00 Bike parade from Echo Centre

        Noon BBQ at Harbour Quay with live Rock and Roll band.

New Business