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Come to The End of Suburbia and learn about Transition Towns!

You might have read me in yesterdays paper (August 19). They were very kind to interview me and Guy Cicon for their article on our little movie night that we’re holding on August 26 at North Island College.

We will be having a short meeting meant really just to say hello to new people that come along and answer any questions they have about Transition Towns.

Please don’t feel that you need to know anything about, or even agree with, the gist of our little (but growing!) group, or the movie. The night is intended to provide information, foster some discussion and debate and ideas, and generally have a good time.

There will be popcorn, and some light beverages. The room has A/C in case it is hot. Donations will be welcomed to cover the cost of the room ($50) and the snacks.

Doors are open at 6PM, meeting starts at 6:30PM, Movie at 7PM… Room 204, North Island College (Center block/main entrance, right up the stairs or elevator).

And if you’re wondering what the movie is really about… here’s a great cartoon I stumbled on today which sums it up pretty nicely.

Next Meeting is July 22 – and last meetings minutes

The next Transition Town Port Alberni meeting is July 22. It’ll be at Dan Schubarts again. There will only be two agenda items for the meeting.

#1: Submitting our application to the Transition Town Network so we can access their resources.

#2: Setting up our first public Open Space brainstorming and group forming type event. This was something that came out of our last meeting. We’ll need to figure out a good time and place.

That’s it! A light meeting for a summer evening. Snacks, tea and coffee will be provided of course.

Hope we can see you all there!