AGM starts at 6PM – Movie starts at 7PM

(Note this Agenda may change as members communicate additional items before the meeting is started and agenda approved)

AVTT January 15, 2019 AGM – Preliminary Agenda – 6:00PM – Char’s Landing

  1. Acknowledgement of unceded territory – 6:00PM
  2. Greetings and Introductions – 6:05PM
  3. Movie After the Meeting –> POTLUCK! 🙂
  4. Approval of Agenda – 6:10PM
  5. Approval of Minutes – 6:15PM (below)
  6. Annual Reports from Directors/Officers
  7. Election of Directors/Officers
  8. Unfinished Business and Current Topics
    • Composition of Directors of Board (Professionalizing the Board)
    • Strategic Planning
  9. Upcoming Events – 6:30
    • Seedy Saturday, March 21, 2020
  10. Regular Reports and Sub-Groups – 6:35
    • Education and Networking
    • Food Group / Food Hub
    • Cycle Alberni
    • Housing
    • Other Groups and Reports
  11. Finances – 6:50
    • Current State of Accounts, Grants and Contracts – Rob
  12. New Business and Other Fun Stuff!
  13. ADJOURN – 7:00PM

    NOTE – Next Meeting is the AGM – January 15, 2020

Minutes from December Regular Meeting

Board Meeting – December 18, 2019 – at Char’s Landing 

Present: Chris Alemany, Jacquie Auriat, Sam Brownlee, Debbie Brummel, Edna Cox, Meagan Curtis, Brent Knox, John Mayba, Helen Poon, Rob Powelson, Dan Schubart, Mike Youds 

  1. Chris called the meeting to order at 6 p.m., acknowledging that we meet on the unceded territory
    of the Tseshaht and Hupacasath peoples. A welcome and round-the-table introductions were shared.
  2. Following the meeting, all are invited to the winter and end-of-year celebration potluck and social.
  3. Dan moved, Sam seconded approval of the agenda. Carried.
  4. Dan moved, Rob seconded approval of the minutes of the November, 2019 meeting. Carried.
  5. Unfinished Business and Current Topics:
    — Minutes of the December 7th special meeting re City Council liaison were circulated
    earlier. Helen Poon was welcomed as Council liaison. Dan noted that it is also incumbent upon AVTTS to approach Council proactively.
    — John thanked Helen for her contribution to Cycle Alberni for the new bike maintenance stations.
  6. Upcoming Events:
    — Tree Pruning Workshop, February 22
    — Seedy Saturday, March 21 – Jen Fisher-Bradley is taking the lead.
  7. Report and Sub-groups: 
    • —  Education and Networking – Six films,a re-skilling workshop, and an energy-efficient housing
      talk are in the works.
    • —  Food Group/AV Food Hub – Meg attended the November 28th meeting of BC Farmers
      Institutes hosted by the Minister of Agriculture.
      Associate memberships ($15) in the Alberni Farmers Institute are now available.
      The AFI will met with the Agricultural Land Commission on January 28; location TBA. Gleaning volunteers are needed for 2020 season. Week-day pick times work best.
      A new Gleaning Committe is in place. The brochure will be updated. John advised that, as many grants can be made only to a society with registered charitable status, AVTTS could discuss this with the City.
    • —  Cycle Alberni – Go By Bike Weeks will be held in spring and fall, 2020. A grant of $800 is available to support all-weather biking.
      Three bike maintenance stations are being installed.
      Chris is representing North Island on the Go By Bike Board.
      Annual repainting of bike lanes would be best.
      Triple A biking lanes were recommended to City Council by the Food Security and
      Climate Change Committee.
    • —  Housing – A presentation or forum on energy-efficient housing is a possibility.
    • —  Watershed Protection – Chris reported on the December 13th meeting with MLA Scott Fraser
      at his office. Chris, Dan, Edna, Mike Stini, Jane Morden, Ian Thomas attended. See the notes sent earlier. Scott will arrange a meeting of this group with Mosiac management early in the New Year, so concerns about the watershed can be expressed directly.
      Meg asked about “right to roam” legislation in reference to Private Managed Forest Lands. Public access has inproved only somewhat since Mosaic took over Island Timberlands and Timberwest. 

8. Finances: Rob reported these balances: Main account

  • Main $14,495.48
  • AVTTS $4,607.21
  • Food Hub $5,547.86
  • Grow Local $800.00
  • Food Hub Education $496.59
  • Gleaning $3,403.37
  • Cycle Alberni $897.60
  • Shaun Loney $2,668.88

9. New Business: Sam will attend a Fair Vote Canada meeting on January 15th in Courtenay re how to accomplish proportional representation.

Given the latest climate change science, John recommends that AVTTS take a much stronger lead and a renewed approach in helping the community to become aware and to act by
a) Highlighting in the media a monthly Climate Champion, and
b) Beginning a promotional campaign of signs designed by local artists, illustrating and encouraging more cliate-friendly options 10. The meeting was adjourned at 7: 05 p.m.


Alberni Valley Food Hub Committee Meeting – January 8, 2020 – 4p.m. MINUTES

Present: Janis Nairne (chair), Edna Cox (recorder), Rob Powelson Regrets: John Mayba, Meg Curtis

Additions to the Agenda: Upcoming Events – Seedy Sunday, March 22

Minutes of the previous meeting, December 2011, were reviewed.


1. Community gardens :
Rob has perused the 2014 maps which show both “possible available” and “unavailable” City properties. Most available land is forested, far out, industrial, parkland, greenbelt…..i.e. unsuitable. Only the land on Cherry Creek Road behind the mall looks worth pursuing. Advantages: It is on a bus route and near parking lots.

When Meg and Rob met with City staff, they were asked to consider land next to the existing Wallace Street Community Garden. The water connection there appears to be inside a locked shed however; a separate connection for a new garden would be needed. Disadvantage: the land is under the power line. Advantage: The green strip along Wallace extends up to Kendall Street.

Edna will follow up again with Coulson’s about the parking lot on Mar Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, although Rob advises that it is for sale ($498,000).

2. Cannabis by-law, ACRD: A by-law has yet to be passed.

3. Nourish Alberni: Using the remaining grant funds, Corena Lawson is working on the website, Facebook page, updated brochure and poster, whil re-engaging with local food recovery and redistribution stakeholders. An open house to launch Nourish Alberni is planned in February.

4. Schools: Edna will contact all local schools for updates on school gardens and food programs.


$5500 (remainder of 2019-2020 VIHA contract funding) was received November 28, 2019. The contract ends March 31, 2020.

Current balance: $5, 547.86 Food Hub $ 800.00 Grow Local $ 496.46 Education $3, 659.87 Gleaning

Review of 2019-2020 budget (VIHA contract) – Edna will re-send the budget for review; AVFH Committee members, please log your hours and expenditures in each category and submit invoices to Rob. A financial report will be prepared for submission immediately at the end of the contract.

Coming Events:

AV Gleaning Project Committee meeting, January 11
– Rob, Meg and Cheryl Hillman met , and the Gleaning Committe subsequently, in December. Equipment is now stored with the trailer; on hand and in good condition are 3 orchard ladders (10’, 8’ and 6’) —- 3 picking bags —– 5 picking bins
The street-side sign and the brochure need updating and replacemnt.
Rob has drawn up a list of additional equipment to be purchased and is checking costs.

AVTTS AGM, January 15 — Edna will prepare an annual report for the AGM. Island Food Hubs Evaluation video call, January 16 – This is a wind-up check-in for the months-long third-party evaluation of the 10 years of Island Food Hubs initiative, which Edna participated in for AV Food Hub.

Pruning Workshop, February 22 at Burde Street Orchard, 1 p.m. with Connie Kurmoto. Tickets at Evenbrite or via Rob.

Island Hubs Strategic Planning, March 9, Cowichan – Meg as Coordinator will attend. Seedy Sunday, March 22, Char’s Landing – Jen Fisher-Bradley is the lead.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.