A Lot Of It Is In Your Mind



The whole furor over spending money on bike lanes in Port Alberni and over the space they take up and the adjustments that drivers must make to accommodate the presence of cyclists might be less controversial and less necessary were drivers┬áto make awareness of others the foundation of their driving. In the longer term, it would encourage alternate transportation were we to have improved travel ways that provided for cycle and pedestrian use, but that seems a long way into the future when the baby steps we’re already taking seem so painful.

Meeting and Screening: Catching the Sun

Wednesday, July 20 will be the next AVTTS meeting starting at Char’s Landing at 6:00 p.m., followed by a screening of the film Catching the Sun, detailing the possibilities of a future with alternate forms of energy. This is fast becoming a reality with moves afoot both here and in other localities close by to install significant solar energy generation resources. Come be part of the discussion and learn how you can get involved.